10 Braggy Reasons to Work Out

Losing weight, gaining strength and toning up are not the only reasons to work out. They’re very good reasons, but here are some others  you may not have thought of that will give you the motivation to lace up today.

  • 1. Everyone loves a humblebrag – while Debbie is smashing pizza at work and offers you some, you can be like “ohhh no I went for a run earlier, wouldn’t want to spoil my efforts!” This will make you feel so in control of your own life. You can turn down pizza. You can do anything.
  • 2. Eat healthier all day and shop better – smugly look at other peoples horrible shopping trollies while yours is fresh as a damn daisy garden. There’s a family who you can tell are on a diet as their trolly is full of ‘low fat’ this and that, but there’s no fruit or vegetables, and as you smile sweetly as they walk past, you don’t understand why no one on this earth knows how to use the internet.
  • 3. Run past people and feel like you’re the fastest person on earth – see you later, man in cycling leggings, bye grumpy grandpa, SEE YA screaming kid, not dealing with anything like this today!
  • 4. Your mood will increase so much that even if you don’t tell anyone, you can have an internal humblebrag, ohh my skin looks great, I barely need makeup today, I feel so fit aghh
  • 5. It will keep you more awake for longer, so if you have late work to do, oh, suddenly there’s so many more hours in the day because you didn’t need to drink 6 coffees to stay alert. “No thanks Paul I’ll take a decaf” while he’s on his 3rd double shot. But you went for a run this morning so you’re good. If he asks why, refer to humblebrag point.
  • 6. Your online existence will also become healthier, suddenly you’re liking running pages on Facebook, joining groups on how to do your workout with the best form, and trying to smash out a certain amount of sessions in a week. Suddenly someone says something like ‘you’re so inspiring’ and it fills you with joy! YOU’RE INSPIRING! Remember when you found other people inspiring? That’s you to someone!
  • 7. Fitness is now fashion. You’re at the gym enough now, you want to look good! Goodbye to the days you wore your old scraggy shirt and a pair of tracky pants, I want sleek puma tights and a sweat-wicking shirt..please!
  • 8. You’re actually pumped to try new classes and new things, your New Years Resolution is now fitness-based (I want to try Yoga or Pilates, I want to run a marathon or a 5k), or health-based (I want to make healthy desserts, I want to limit my restaurant visits to once a week, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables).
  • 9. Your idols turn to the hard-hitting women in the amazing renaissance of women’s sports we are currently experiencing (Such as AFL Womens, Big Bash Womens, Women’s Cricket and Soccer, and the new Super Netball). Wow if only I could kick like Tayla Harris! If only I had the leadership skills of Daisy Pearce! If only I had the determination of Sarah Perkins! Watching women’s sports makes you feel like you can do anything, whatever your age or your own personal goal. If they can do it, so can you!
  • 10. Becoming more focused on other aspects of your life. Things seem to fall into place when you take care of your health and fitness. Reduce anxiety and worry, making time for friends or study, recovering from sickness will be quicker as well.

Combining fitness with filling your body with healthy and nourishing foods will help you feel amazing! Feeling good about yourself will help you succeed in every day life and keep you productive in all the other tasks you’re undertaking. An important element of control is gained back when you are consistent in workouts and healthy eating. Try thinking about the other reasons you work out and get into it!

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  1. Amelia says:

    Me: ‘Oh, I went to Zumba earlier… I’ve earned it, Debbie, give me that big bit.’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. morningfrost says:

      Haha this too.


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