Generation Gap: Respect Your Youth

Every generation has a unique upbringing, the sooner we can all work together and break down our differences, the better we will all be.

How to Successfully Argue a Point

Sometimes, you may find yourself in the middle of an argument or debate about a topic that is important to you. Don’t lose your cool.

The Characters at the Gym

Once you start becoming a regular at your local gym, it’s awesome. You feel and look better and it slots right into your routine. However there are also a few things we can observe once we start going frequently, like the characters. They are at every gym but there’s also individual characters to every gym….

University Life: Making it Engaging for Students

In 2017, after almost 6 years in the University system, I have noticed how things seem to be getting less and less engaging for students. I have written about this before: however I am going to get even more specific on how universities, and specifically lecturers and tutorial teachers can improve the experience and make…

The Communication Conundrum: Re-Learning How to Speak

Interviews can be terrifying if we do not know quite how to speak to people As we get older and leave school, we realise quickly that the way we speak to our friends is not going to cut it in business or higher level situations (such as talking to lecturers at University – although it may…