Friends I No Longer See

We go through life so fluidly. We meet people and then they leave, or you do, for one reason or another. Everyone is in your life to teach you something and it’s okay that not everyone can stay forever. Here, I detail some of the amazing people I have met over the years. If, by some incredible chance one of you are reading this, I hope you’re doing well.

  • Larissa from Grade 1 – I think your dad was a Coca Cola sales rep (he had what we all called ‘the coke car’) and you lived down the road from our primary school, then you changed schools at the end of the year. My mum asked for YEARS afterwards ‘I wonder what happened to Larissa she was nice’.
  • Adele from Primary School – You had a nosebleed at my 10th birthday party and you bought me the Spice Girls first single (a GREAT present). Years and years later I remember seeing you at a local shopping centre and we had a very vague conversation.
  • Celeste from Primary School – You were whip-smart and skipped up a grade when you transferred to our school. My parents used to say to me “you’re smart too you should skip a grade!” You had a house shaped like a triangle and my sister was scared of your German Shepherd dogs.
  • Lydia from Grade 6 – you were Jehovas Witness and your mum never let you go to any of the birthday parties, I was always so sad because you were my good friend and I wanted to see you there. Then when I had to change schools you gave me a photo of you with ‘I will miss you’ written on the back. You were unbelievably kind. I hope you have excelled in life.
  • Sandra from Year 7 – There were a lot of bitches in that school. You were one of them, but you were never really cruel, and seemed like you hung out with them to get the status. You were usually pretty nice to me when you were on your own. You also had impeccable style.
  • Korbie from Year 7-9 – We went to Hi-5 concerts together even though, at 12-13, we were probably too old. We had good times. I got back in contact with you through social media recently and you looked happy. I was glad.
  • Steph from Year 10-11 – you were sports mad and so, so funny in maths class. You used to hit my thigh with your fist and say “why is it so HARD?” and we’d talk about The Amanda Show (it’s no wonder we both almost failed maths haha). I also remember you having a lot of pairs of very expensive sunglasses.
  • Miranda from Melbourne – This was such a bizarre case. You were a very sweet queer girl and we used to go out to clubs and pubs together with a diverse crew, you had a voice like an angel but somehow I beat you in a karaoke contest once. Then one day you dropped off the face off the earth. I didn’t hear from you in years, but when I did some digging, you had turned hard-right, had Reagan number plates, and were the president of the Young Liberals book club (for my international readers, the Liberal party is a conservative party in Australia, yes it’s quite confusing but liberal in this sense means small government and personal freedoms rather than social liberalism). I have no idea what happened, but you are a very, very different person now then when I ever knew you. However I still wish you well and hope you have kind and non-fake people around you.
  • Amanda from Brisbane – I lived with you for 3 months while I was saving to move to England, you had kids but they didn’t live with you and I can’t remember why. You were fun and nice, and we worked together at the petrol station. You put up with my moods and were really accommodating to me. Thank you so much. I hope you get to see your kids more now.

There are more I am surely forgetting.

Some people come into your life for only a short period of time, but they all build you to who you eventually become. Our spirits are liquid, we are constantly in a state of change, in flux, we never, ever stay the same. You are not the same person you were even 1 year ago. We learn our whole lives. We split off like branches on the seed of our original selves. Our friends are kindred spirits. I am grateful for meeting everyone, whether they stayed in my life or not.

I wish all of you well. 

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